Building a new hospital on a different site is the best option for the future health of our community.

Following over two years of extensive work and research by the OSMH Future Hospital Committee, supported by consultants with expertise in designing Ontario hospitals, it was determined that building a new hospital on a different site would be BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER in comparison to redeveloping the current site.

“When evaluating the new site option against redevelopment of the existing site, the criteria scoring wasn’t even close. The option to build offsite from the ground up was a clear winner in nearly every category. We can build a new hospital faster, cheaper and better.”


– Carmine Stumpo, President & CEO, OSMH

Why we need to do this:

Parts of our current hospital were built almost 100 years ago. With aging infrastructure that no longer meets today’s healthcare standards, we are looking for the best solution to meet the needs of our community for generations to come. It has become clear that building a brand new Soldiers’, on a new site is our best option.

The current Soldiers’ location resides on 9 acres. According to multiple consultants on Ontario hospitals, 20 acres is a minimum preferred size for a hospital site, and what we should be seeking in future locations.

The other issue has to do with the timeline of redeveloping the current site. Unfortunately, this would involve multiple phases of demolition and construction that would extend the life of the project over decades, and the hospital would be operating in a constant state of construction. This would ultimately make it difficult for families to access care, reduce available interior space and displace staff off-site at an additional cost.

Where will it be?

Rest assured, we understand how important this Hospital is to the community of Orillia, and will be selecting a site within the city that best meets the criteria for top of line care.

In 2019, our focus will be on developing the process that will be put in place to assess and eventually select a site within the city limits. Community engagement is extremely important in this process, and will continue to be part of the site selection.

Right now, there is no deadline to determine a preferred site, but we will be keeping you posted.

Where we are at in the process:

Building a new hospital on a different site has been endorsed by the OSMH Board of Directors and is to be included in a Stage One capital planning submission to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) and the North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network (NSM-LHIN) in 2019.

This could take a decade or longer before final approvals are received and construction can begin. In December 2017, OSMH received approval from the NSM LHIN Board of Directors for the Pre-Capital Submission that precedes a Stage One submission.